Mizuno running shoes reviews

Reviews of Mizuno neutral, stability, and motion control runnings shoes with how they compare against ASICS, Brooks, New Balance, and Saucony.

Running ShoeCategoryWeightMSRP
Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3Neutral9.5 oz (W) | 12.5 oz (M)$210
Mizuno Wave Rider 19Neutral7.9 oz (W) | 9.5 oz (M)$120
Mizuno Wave Inspire 12Support8.4 oz (W) | 10.8 oz (M)$120
Mizuno Wave Paradox 2Max Support9.8 oz (W) | 12.0 oz (M)$135

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3

Category: Neutral Cushioning

Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 is a big durable trainer that should work well for heavy heel-strikers. It is a neutral running shoe that has a uniquely constructed midsole that is meant to provide shock absorption and cushioning.

The Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 has two plastic plates, which Mizuno calls the Infinity Wave plates, in its midsole. These two plates are segmented and connect with rubber junctions. So the slits in the forefoot should help the shoe feel pretty flexible despite all the plastic.

All the plastic and rubber under the foot can make it feel pretty firm. But there is a thick sockliner inside the shoe, which should provide some degree of softness to the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3, so that you can take advantage of the shock absorption and cushioning provided by the plates and midsole foam.

The upper is cleverly designed and looks pretty flashy and clean. There aren't many overlays in the upper. However, there are underlays underneath the mesh and other features that should hold your foot firmly on the running platform.

But the Mizuno Wave Prophecy 3 turns out to be a pretty expensive running shoe due to so much engineering.

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Mizuno Wave Rider 19

Category: Neutral Cushioning

Mizuno Wave Rider 19 is a daily trainer that is suitable for runners who do not need any extra stability or support and who are going to be putting in a lot of miles on the road.

The Wave Plate in the heel of the Mizuno Wave Rider 19 has stabilizing and impact protection properties.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 19 provides a good amount of cushioning, especially to men.

The amount of overlays have been kept to a minimum in the upper, thereby helping to keep the weight of the running shoe down, while still keeping your foot on the platform.

The Mizuno Wave Rider 19 is a relatively light running shoe compared to other running shoe in its category, so that should help you go fast.

The heel of the Mizuno Wave Rider 19 sits much higher off the ground than the forefoot, therefore causing a pretty steep drop and adding a perfomance feel to the running shoe.

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Mizuno Wave Inspire 12

Category: Stability and Support

Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 is a high performance running shoe that offers a lot of stability and a good amount of cushioning in a lightweight package, which is a very rare combination for shoes of its kind.

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 has a Wave Plate that runs through the midsole in the heel. It is a plastic plate with foam around it and on the medial side it fans out into two pieces and two waves.

This should stop your foot from rolling too far inward as the beefier rigid plastic on the medial side should prevent this from happening.

For women, the Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 delivers a good amount of cushioning similar to the amount they would get from a cushioning running shoe like the Mizuno Wave Rider 19.

The Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 is for runners who want to feel fast and who do not need a whole lot of stability but still a good dose of it. The Mizuno Wave Inspire 12 is less suitable for bigger runners who may need something sturdier.

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Mizuno Wave Paradox 2

Category: Maximum Support

The Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 is Mizuno's only motion control running shoe and is meant to provide a maximum amount of support to overpronators. It does so mainly through the Wave Plate that runs along the entire length of the midsole.

This Wave Plate fans out into two parts and three waves on the medial side of the midsole of the Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 to help stop your foot from rolling too far inward.

The Wave Plate also has a centering effect right under the heel and provides shock absorption at heel-strike.

The Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 provides an average amount of forefoot cushioning but delivers a large amount of heel cushioning so is suitable for heel-strikers.

The Mizuno Wave Paradox 2 is a good running shoe for those who are looking for a somewhat lighter motion control running shoe that still delivers tons of stability and support.

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