Brooks Transcend 2 vs. Brooks Ravenna 6 review

Brooks Transcend 2 provides a comfortable ride with support you barely notice. Brooks Ravenna 6 offers moderate overpronators a stable and responsive platform to run on.

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The Brooks Transcend 2 and the Brooks Ravenna 6 fall in the stability and support category of running shoes from Brooks.


The uppers of the Brooks Transcend 2 and the Brooks Ravenna 6 are quite similar.

The Brooks Ravenna 6 comes with a strap on both sides of the upper to increase the amount of support around the midfoot.

The Brooks Transcend 2 also comes with bands that connect the midsole to the saddle.

The difference is that the straps of the Brooks Transcend 2 are more evenly distributed and widespread than the bands on the Brooks Ravenna 6, so the Brooks Transcend 2 provides a slightly more secure fit.

The rest of the upper of both running shoes have a limited amount of overlays or underlays, and both provide a good amount of support behind the heel although the Brooks Transcend 2 has an increased amount of support due to an external heel counter.

You should be able to get a good amount of support and a good hold around the midfoot from either the Brooks Ravenna 6 or the Brooks Transcend 2.

The Brooks Transcend 2 is meant to provide a large amount of cushioning and comes with a midsole that enables this.

The purpose of the Brooks Ravenna 6 is not really to provide you with a super soft ride but rather with a good amount of stability and support.

Despite this, the Brooks Ravenna 6 turns out to be quite cushy, according to running shoe lab tests.

For women, the Brooks Transcend 2 turns out to have a very cushy forefoot, but its heel cushioning falls just a bit short compared to the amount of heel cushioning in the Brooks Ravenna 6, which has a slightly above average amount of heel and forefoot cushioning.

The Brooks Ravenna 6 displays an overall good balance between its amount heel and forefoot cushioning.

For men, the Brooks Transcend 2 also displays a large amount of forefoot cushioning but a slightly above average amount of heel cushioning.

The Brooks Ravenna 6 also displays a lot of forefoot cushioning for men but not as much as the Brooks Transcend 2. However, its amount of heel cushioning far exceeds the amount of the Brooks Transcend 2.

The general conclusion is that if you are a heel-striker, the Brooks Ravenna 6 may suit you better than the Brooks Transcend 2.

Both the Brooks Ravenna 6 and the Brooks Transcend 2 are stability running shoe so come with devices to control overpronation. However, these devices are quite different.

The Brooks Ravenna 6 implements a more traditional way of providing stability through a crash pad on the lateral side under the heel and a piece of firmer foam with a midfoot shank on the medial side of the midsole.

The Brooks Transcend 2 implements a newer way of providing stability through the use of what are called Guide Rails. These rails are located at the top of the midsole on the medial and lateral sides and at the back of the shoe.

Other stability features in the Brooks Transcend 2 include a rounded heel to take stress off joints and provide better alignment, full ground contact for increased stability and smoothness of your ride, and a well-separated outsole with different pressure zones.

The Brooks Ravenna 6 also provides a good amount of ground contact, which should also benefit the smoothness and stability of your ride.

According to running shoe lab tests, the Brooks Transcend 2 provides above average stability, but the Brooks Ravenna 6 far exceeds that amount.

The outsole of the Brooks Transcend 2 is a bit more separated than that of the Brooks Ravenna 6, but because it offers so much forefoot cushioning, it falls on the stiffer end of the spectrum.

However, running shoe lab tests reveal that the Brooks Ravenna 6 does not differ too much from the Brooks Transcend 2 because it displays almost an equal amount of flexibility as the Brooks Transcend 2 for both men and women.

The women's version of the Brooks Transcend 2 weighs approximately 9.5 oz (269 grams), while the Brooks Ravenna 6 for women weighs approximately 9.1 oz (258 grams).

The men's version of the Brooks Transcend 2 weighs about 11.7 oz (332 grams), and the Brooks Ravenna 6 for men weighs 11.3 oz (320 grams).

If you are a moderate overpronator who wants a large amount of stability and support, you may want to go with the trusted way of getting this by choosing the Brooks Ravenna 6.

However, if you want to try out a new way of controlling your overpronation and getting a better alignment throughout your entire body, you may want to look into the Brooks Transcend 2.

Note: The weight of a running shoe depends on the size of the running shoe, so any weights mentioned in this review may differ from the weight of the running shoe you choose to wear. Running shoes of the same size were compared for this review.

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