Brooks Ravenna 7 vs. Brooks Transcend 3 review

Brooks Ravenna 7 strikes a good balance between stabilty, cushioning, and comfort. Brooks Transcend 3 provides a very plush and comfortable ride with a touch of stability.

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The Brooks Ravenna 7 and the Brooks Transcend 3 are stability running shoes from Brooks that are meant to provide a moderate amount of support to overpronators.


The uppers of the Brooks Ravenna 7 and the Brooks Transcend 3 are similar in that they offer lightweight support in the front part of the shoes and increase the amount of support toward the back of the shoes.

The Brooks Transcend 3 The preceding link takes you to wraps the foot well with several layers of mesh around the midfoot and throughout the forefoot.

It then increases the amount of support at the back with an external heel counter that cups the heel well.

The Brooks Ravenna 7 is more open at the front with a few light overlays keeping the mesh in place. Then around the midfoot, it has straps that run from the saddle toward the back of the shoe to give you a good amount of support around the midfoot and at the back of the shoe.

Both the Brooks Transcend 3 and the Brooks Ravenna 7 offer an adequate amount of support to keep your foot in place, but the Brooks Ravenna 7 might offer a more secure fit than the Brooks Transcend 3.

While the Brooks Transcend 3 is meant to provide a plush ride due to the type of cushioning in its midsole, the Brooks Ravenna 7 is meant to provide a less cushy but more supportive ride.

The type of midsole material used by the Brooks Transcend 3 provides 25% more cushioning than the midsole material used by the Brooks Ravenna 7.

This is also evident from running shoe lab tests, which show that the Brooks Transcend 3 is overall more cushy than the Brooks Ravenna 7.

For men, the amount of cushioning offered by the Brooks Ravenna 7 in the heel comes very close to the amount provided by the Brooks Transcend 3.

However, the Brooks Transcend 3 has a very cushy forefoot compared to the Brooks Ravenna 7, which offers above average cushioning in the forefoot but not as much as the Brooks Transcend 3. The Brooks Transcend 3 displays a good balance between forefoot and heel cushioning.

For women, the differences between the two running shoes are smaller. Both the Brooks Ravenna 7 and the Brooks Transcend 3 display a good balance between the amount of cushioning in the heel and the forefoot with none sticking out above the other.

The cushioning profiles also lie closer to each other. However, the Brooks Transcend 3 still turns out to be slightly more cushy than the Brooks Ravenna 7 in both the heel and the forefoot, but both are quite cushy running shoes.

The biggest difference between the Brooks Ravenna 7 and the Brooks Transcend 3 lies in the way they provide pronation control.

The Brooks Ravenna 7 provides support through a medial post that runs from the back of the midsole till the midfoot and is reinforced by a midfoot shank.

The area of support also runs far in under the heel so increases the amount of stability of the running shoe when you combine this with the crash pad under the heel on the lateral side.

While the Brooks Ravenna 7 uses a more traditional way of providing pronation control, the Brooks Transcend 3 implements more discrete support through the use of Guide Rails that run along the upper edge of the midsole on both sides of the running shoe.

These Guide Rails are meant to help your body find its own natural motion path and thereby correct pronation issues.

The Brooks Transcend 3 also comes with a rounded heel that is meant to take stress off joints and pressure zones in the outsole to better distribute impact.

All these features help the Brooks Transcend 3 deliver a smoother ride from heel-strike to toe-off. However, according the running shoe lab tests, the Brooks Ravenna 7 is the more stable running shoe of the two.

The Brooks Ravenna 7 displays a good amount of separation in its outsole for a good amount of shock dissipation and absorption.

However, according to running shoe lab tests, this separation does not benefit the flexibility of the running shoe much, because the Brooks Ravenna 7 turns out to be quite stiff for both men and women, just like the Brooks Transcend 3.

The latter is probably because of the amount of forefoot cushioning, which may affect the flexibility of running shoes when they provide a lot of it.

The women's version of the Brooks Ravenna 7 weighs approximately 8.6 oz (244 grams), while the Brooks Transcend 3 for women weighs approximately 9.2 oz (261 grams).

The men's version of the Brooks Ravenna 7 weighs about 11.0 oz (312 grams) and the Brooks Transcend 3 for men weighs 11.4 oz (323 grams).

If you are an overpronator who is looking for a very soft and smooth ride and would like to try out a new way of reducing overpronation, you could go with the Brooks Transcend 3, which is also good for heavier runners.

And if you are looking for a running shoe that uses a more traditional way of controlling overpronation and provides a large amount of stability, the Brooks Ravenna 7 would be the one to look further into.

Note: The weight of a running shoe depends on the size of the running shoe, so any weights mentioned in this review may differ from the weight of the running shoe you choose to wear. Running shoes of the same size were compared for this review.

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