Brooks Ghost 10 vs. Brooks Transcend 5 review

Brooks Ghost 10 provides a comfortable fit and a smooth ride to neutral runners. Brooks Transcend 5 provides a secure fit and a good amount of stability and support.

The Brooks Transcend 5 and the Brooks Ghost 10 fall in two different categories of running shoes, with the Brooks Ghost 10 being a neutral cushioning running shoe and the Brooks Transcend 5 a stability running shoe.


The uppers of the Brooks Transcend 5 The preceding link takes you to and the Brooks Ghost 10 are similar in that both running shoes have no-sew overlays around the midfoot.

However, the overlays around the midfoot of the Brooks Transcend 5 cover only the midfoot, while those on the Brooks Ghost 10 The preceding link takes you to cover the midfoot and the heel.

In addition, the overlays around the midfoot of the Brooks Transcend 5 contain some stitches in the saddle and closer to the forefoot, whereas those on the the Brooks Ghost 10 do not.

Instead of using overlays around the heel like the Brooks Ghost 10 does, the Brooks Transcend 5 comes with an external heel counter for additional support at the back.

And finally, the Brooks Ghost 10 comes with stitches in its toecap, while the Brooks Transcend 5 has no-sew overlays in that area.

While the forefoot is open and free from overlays in both running shoes, the Brooks Ghost 10 might provide more comfort and room due to the pulling back of its overlays.

The Brooks Transcend 5, on the other hand, provides more durable support around the midfoot and the heel compared to the Brooks Ghost 10.

While the Brooks Ghost 10 is meant to deliver a soft ride to neutral runners, it uses a type of midsole material that delivers somewhat less cushioning than the midsole material used by the Brooks Transcend 5.

However, this does not automatically make the Brooks Transcend 5 cushier than the Brooks Ghost 10.

Running shoe lab tests results show that both running shoes deliver an above average amount of forefoot cushioning, with the Brooks Transcend 5 being just a bit cushier in the forefoot than the Brooks Ghost 10 for both men and women.

This means that you should be able to get a more responsive ride from the Brooks Ghost 10 while still getting an adequate amount of cushioning for a soft ride.

The Brooks Ghost 10 delivers more heel cushioning than the Brooks Transcend 5, according to running shoe lab tests.

While the difference in heel cushioning between the two running shoes is very small for women, with both running shoes delivering an above average amount of heel cushioning to women, the difference is much larger for men.


The Brooks Transcend 5 delivers an average amount of heel cushioning to men, while the amount delivered by the Brooks Ghost 10 is almost to the max.

This means that the Brooks Ghost 10 is better for heel-strikers than the Brooks Transcend 5 is, especially where men are concerned.

The Brooks Ghost 10 does not come with any devices to control pronation, because it is a running shoe that is meant to be worn by runners who do not need much stability and support.

However, due to the construction of its midsole with a crash pad under the heel and the good amount of ground contact it provides, it is seen as a running shoe that delivers an above average amount of stability and support despite the fact that it is for neutral runners.

The Brooks Transcend 5, on the other hand, is meant to be worn by moderate overpronators, so it comes with features to control pronation.

More specifically, the Brooks Transcend 5 has Guide Rails that run along the upper edge of the midsole, and especially around the midfoot, to help guide the body and foot to align themselves naturally.

The heel counter at the back also helps to reduce heel rotation, so you would be getting some support from that too.

And finally, the Brooks Transcend 5 also provides a good amount of ground contact, which should increase the stability a bit.

However, while running shoe lab tests rate both running shoes as providing an above average amount of stability, they still rate the Brooks Ghost 10 as being a bit more stable than the Brooks Transcend 5, which is surprising.

The rubber outsoles of the two running shoes look different, but they are well separated for shock absorption and have a good amount of flex grooves in the forefoot.

However, while the Brooks Ghost 10 is somewhat flexible for women, it is somewhat stiff for men, but running shoe lab tests have found the Brooks Transcend 5 to be stiffer than the Brooks Ghost 10 for both men and women, and that the amount of stiffness is quite high.

The women's version of the Brooks Transcend 5 weighs approximately 8.9 oz (253 grams), and the Brooks Ghost 10 for women weighs 8.5 oz (241 grams).

The men's versions of the shoes weigh 10.6 oz (301 grams) and 10 oz (284 grams), respectively, with the Brooks Ghost 10 being the lighter one.

If you are a neutral runner who is looking for a soft ride, the Brooks Ghost 10 could deliver what you are after, and if you are a moderate overpronator, the Brooks Transcend 5 was made with your needs in mind.

While the Brooks Ghost 10 is rated by running shoe lab tests as a stable running shoe, it was not created for overpronators, so if you need more stability and support than what the Brooks Transcend 5 delivers, you may want to look into a running shoe such as the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 18.

Note: The weight of a running shoe depends on the size of the running shoe, so any weights mentioned in this review may differ from the weight of the running shoe you choose to wear. Running shoes of the same size were compared for this review.

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