Brooks Addiction 13 vs. 12 review

Brooks Addiction 12 provides a stable platform to bigger runners who need lots of stability and support. Brooks Addiction 13 does the same and adds a bit more comfort to your runs...

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The Brooks Addiction 13 is the updated version of the Brooks Addiction 12, which is a running shoe that offers lots of stability and support to severe overpronators and those who have flat to medium arches.


The amount of stitched-on overlays has been reduced in the Brooks Addiction 13 (affiliate link) compared to the Brooks Addiction 12, especially in the forefoot.

This should increase the amount of comfort you get from the Brooks Addiction 13 compared to the Brooks Addiction 12 (affiliate link).

A reduction of stitched-on overlays generally means a reduction of support in the upper.

However, the Brooks Addiction 13 maintains a good amount of support in its upper, because the stitched-on overlays go across the midfoot and around the heel where overpronators need the most support.

The overlays running on the toe box have been kept free from stitches, except for the toecap, which comes with stitches and which should increase the durability of the running shoe at the front.

All in all, the Brooks Addiction 13 has a more modern-looking upper that is in line with other running shoes from Brooks.

This upper, while it contains less stitches to increase the amount of comfort you get, still delivers support in all the right places.

The Brooks Addiction is meant to not only provide support but also cushioning.

Running shoes that provide a lot of support generally do not also provide a lot of cushioning.

The Brooks Addiction generally provides a moderate amount of forefoot cushioning with the possibility of the heel feeling a bit firm to some runners.

If you choose the Brooks Addiction, you will likely be choosing it for the amount of support it delivers.

This support comes in the form of a long post on the medial side of the midsole. This post has somewhat changed compared to the one in the Brooks Addiction 12, but it has a similar length and still goes all the way up to the top of the midsole.


So both the Brooks Addiction 13 and the Brooks Addiction 12 should be able to deliver a comparable amount of support to overpronators and help stop their feet from rolling too far inward.

The Brooks Addiction 13 also provides full ground contact under the midfoot just like the Brooks Addiction 12 does, which should help you achieve smoother heel-to-toe transitions. The full ground contact also increases the amount of stability and support provided by the running shoes.

The rubber outsole of the Brooks Addiction 13 has changed a bit compared to that of the Brooks Addiction 12.

The outsole of the Brooks Addiction 12 has more empty space with separate small rubber pods, especially in the forefoot, while the outsole of the Brooks Addiction 13 also has small rubber pods, but they are more plentiful and better lined-up.

The outsole of the Brooks Addiction 13 looks more like other Brooks running shoes, that is, having small rubber pods with a lot of separation for a good amount of shock absorption, dissipation, and a smooth ride.

The Brooks Addiction 13 also comes with more main flex grooves than the Brooks Addiction 12 in its forefoot, but this might not make a big difference in flexibility, because the Brooks Addiction 13 also comes with a bit more rubber in its outsole.

In general, the Brooks Addiction tends to deliver a good amount of flexibility to runners and is not a very stiff running shoe.

The women's Brooks Addiction 13 weighs approximately 8.7 oz (247 grams), and the Brooks Addiction 12 for women also weighs about 8.7 oz (247 grams).

The men's versions of the running shoes weigh 13.3 oz (377 grams) and 13.5 oz (383 grams), respectively, with the Brooks Addiction 13 being the lighter one.

If you are a severe overpronator who needs a running shoe that provides a maximum amount of support and that is suitable for runners and walkers who have flat feet, the Brooks Addiction is a good running shoe to look into.

The Brooks Addiction 13 is as supportive as the Brooks Addiction 12, with the one difference that the upper of the Brooks Addiction 13 might provide a bit more comfort than that of the Brooks Addiction 12.


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