Brooks running shoes reviews

Reviews of Brooks neutral, stability, and motion control runnings shoes with how they compare against ASICS, Mizuno, New Balance, and Saucony.

Running ShoeCategoryWeightMSRP
Brooks Launch 3Neutral7.9 oz (W) | 9.8 oz (M)$100
Brooks Ghost 9Neutral9.0 oz (W) | 10.5 oz (M)$120
Brooks Glycerin 14Neutral8.9 oz (W) | 10.7 oz (M)$150
Brooks Ravenna 7Support8.6 oz (W) | 11.0 oz (M)$120
Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16Support9.5 oz (W) | 11.1 oz (M)$120
Brooks Transcend 3Support9.2 oz (W) | 11.4 oz (M)$170
Brooks Addiction 12Max Support11.9 oz (W) | 13.5 oz (M)$120
Brooks Ariel 14Max Support12.0 oz (W)$150
Brooks Beast 14Max Support13.8 oz (M)$150

Brooks Launch 3

Category: Neutral Cushioning

The Brooks Launch 3 is a lightweight neutral cushioning running shoe that is ideal for runners who want to feel fast yet still have enough comfort and cushioning during their runs.

The Brooks Launch 3 has a BioMoGo DNA midsole just like the Brooks Ghost but does not have a full-length crash pad like the Brooks Ghost does although its midsole provides a good amount of ground contact for smooth heel-to-toe transitions.

The upper of the Brooks Launch 3 is comfortable, has no-sew overlays for support and to prevent irritation, and provides a close-to-foot feel.

Note however that the midsole of the Brooks Launch 3 may feel somewhat firmer compared to for example the Brooks Ghost or the Brooks Glycerin, so if lots of cushioning is what you are after, you may want to look into one of those two running shoes.

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Brooks Ghost 9

Category: Neutral Cushioning

The Brooks Ghost 9 is a neutral cushioning running shoe that is ideal for lighter runners who want a good amount of cushioning and a smooth ride.

The Brooks Ghost 9 is like the Brooks Adrenaline GTS but then for neutral runners instead of overpronators.

It has the same type of cushioning as the Brooks Adrenaline GTS, a similar crash pad that runs along the entire length of the midsole on the lateral side, and a well-segmented outsole that delivers a smooth ride.

One of the big strengths of the Brooks Ghost 9 is that it is a pretty stable running shoe despite being a neutral cushioning running shoe.

It achieves this through its crash pad combined with the good amount of ground contact that it provides.

The Brooks Ghost 9 has a mostly seamless upper, which should be able to keep your long runs quite comfortable and free of irritation.

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Brooks Glycerin 14

Category: Neutral Cushioning

The Brooks Glycerin 14 is to heavier runners what the Brooks Ghost is to lighter runners. The Brooks Glycerin 14 provides a good amount of cushioning, so you can expect to get a soft ride from this running shoe.

The Brooks Glycerin 14 also provides a custom and snug fit around the midfoot and keeps the rest of the upper in place with its 3D Fit Print overlays, so you should get a very comfortable feeling against your foot without your foot feeling too constricted or tight.

While it is not a stability running shoe, the Brooks Glycerin 14 comes with some stability features in the full ground contact that it provides, its segmented crash pad to absorb shock, and its rounded heel to reduce stress on joints.

The transition from heel to toe should feel very smooth in the Brooks Glycerin 14 due to its well-segmented outsole, ground contact, and three separate zones to distribute pressure under the foot.

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Brooks Ravenna 7

Category: Stability and Support

Brooks Ravenna 7 is another performance running shoe from Brooks, but this time for runners who moderately overpronate, and who do not need as much stability and support as its bigger brother, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS, provides.

It has a medium profile and is not too heavy compared to other running shoes in the same stability category.

The strength of the Brooks Ravenna 7 is that it provides above average cushioning in the heel as well as the forefoot, and the cushioning is not too squishy.

The Brooks Ravenna 7 provides good midfoot support with its overlays and its adjustable strap, and there are very light overlays running over the toe box meaning that your feet should not feel constricted in the forefoot area.

The Brooks Ravenna 7 is not a very flexible running shoe, but in return you get a very stable running shoe that delivers a smooth ride.

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16

Category: Stability and Support

Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 is a stability running shoe that provides an excellent amount of stability and support to moderate overpronators who require lots of stability but do not want or need a true motion control running shoe.

Stability features include a full-length crash pad and a medial post that progressively stops overpronation as your foot starts to roll in after heel-strike.

Together with a good amount of ground contact and a large amount of separation in the outsole, the crash pad should help smoothen your transition from heel-strike to toe-off.

The amount of cushioning in the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 16 is not too soft or too firm.

The upper contains a minimum amount of stitches to provide you with as much comfort as possible, but it still comes with enough no-sew overlays to give you the amount of support you need.

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Brooks Transcend 3

Category: Stability and Support

Brooks Transcend 3 falls in the support category but is not your typical stability running shoe. It can be seen as a neutral cushioning running shoe that is geared towards heavier runners and that provides stability and support to runners who overpronate.

Stability and support in the Brooks Transcend 3 come in the form of a broad forefoot, full ground contact, a well-segmented outsole for shock absorption and a smooth ride, good arch support, and a good supportive upper with a heel counter that locks the heel in place.

But the most innovative stability feature is the Guide Rails that run along the top edge of the midsole on the sides of the shoe. Their purpose is not to correct your stride but rather to let your body correct itself. One may be skeptical about how effective they are, but many runners say they actually work!

The Brooks Transcend 3 is all about providing you with in-shoe comfort and a well-cushioned and smooth ride. So not surprisingly, it provides a large amount of forefoot cushioning, which unfortunately also makes it quite stiff. But that should not be a problem for heavier runners.

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Brooks Addiction 12

Category: Maximum Support

Brooks Addiction 12 is an entry-level motion control running shoe from Brooks. The Brooks Addiction 12 is good for runners who have flat feet or wear orthotics or both.

It is a pretty heavy running shoe that is also meant to be worn by heavier runners who would not mind the weight of such a shoe.

The base of the Brooks Addiction 12 is linear, flat, and provides full ground contact, making it one of the most stable shoes on the market. Despite its flat outsole, it is a pretty flexible running shoe for its size.

The upper of the Brooks Addiction 12 fits comfortably and provides lots of support to keep your foot on the platform.

The Brooks Addiction 12 offers cushioning that won't feel super soft under you foot. When you are looking for support, you typically want the cushioning to be firm and not too soft. The amount of cushioning in the Brooks Addiction 12 is just enough to give you enough protection from the road.

The Brooks Addiction 12 is the little brother of the Brooks Beast or the little sister of the Brooks Ariel. So if you know you need lots of motion-controlling features and midfoot support from a shoe without the heavier tooling of the Brooks Beast / Brooks Ariel, then the Brooks Addiction 12 might be worth looking into.

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Brooks Beast 14 / Brooks Ariel 14

Category: Maximum Support

Brooks Beast 14 for men and Brooks Ariel 14 for women are considered top motion control running shoes that provide boatloads of stability and support.

But this amount of stability and support comes at a cost. The Brooks Beast 14 and the Brooks Ariel 14 are some of the heaviest running shoes on the market.

But in return you get a lot of protection from the road, since the cushioning in the Brooks Beast 14 and the Brooks Ariel 14 runs along the entire length of the shoe.

Another thing that is top in these running shoes is the amount of pronation control provided through the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar on the medial side of the midsole.

And the well-segmented crash pad on the lateral side of the shoes should not only provide you with excellent shock absorption but also give you a smooth ride from heel to toe.

The Brooks Beast 14 and the Brooks Ariel 14 are pretty flexible for their size and provide a firm lock down around the midfoot while keeping the forefoot free from irritation by implementing no-sew overlays over the toe box.

If you need true motion control, these would be the shoes to turn to.

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